Data Protection Policy

The purpose of the Data Protection Act is to protect the rights and privacy of individuals. The Act ensures that data about people is not processed without their knowledge and wherever possible is processed with their consent. The Act covers any personal information that might help to identify a living person.

WDTN collects and processes certain types of information as a necessary part of carrying out its responsibilities and administering its operations. Such information is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998.

WDTN collects, handles and uses personal information and will, as far as is possible, follow the eight principles of the Data Protection Act. It maintains appropriate arrangements to safeguard personal information, including information collected through its website. The eight principles are that personal data must be:

  1. processed fairly and lawfully
  2. obtained lawfully and used only for the purpose for which it was collected
  3. adequate, relevant and not excessive
  4. accurate and kept up to date
  5. kept no longer than is necessary
  6. processed in accordance with the rights of data subjects
  7. securely kept
  8. not transferred to any country outside the UK without adequate protection in place

WDTN Policy

WDTN will only use personal information provided by individuals and will only use this information to manage and provide its talking news services.

Such personal information is subject to certain rights of access by the individuals to whom it relates which entitle them to:

There is always a risk when information is transmitted over, or made available on, the Internet, that such information will go astray. WDTN will always try to protect personal information but cannot guarantee security and any information supplied will be at individuals own risk.

Information about listeners and volunteers will not be knowingly shared with other than WDTN committee members, producers and copiers, or used in any other way unless such use has been agreed by the supplier of the information or WDTN are legally obliged to do so.

Data Protection Act registration

WDTN is not required to register under the Data Protection Act as it is a non-profit making organisation that meets certain requirements.

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